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We are all aware – without any formal training – of varying degrees of well being: physically, emotionally and mentally. For example, our thinking is sharp as a tack sometimes and quite foggy at other times.  

A precise vocabulary for our degrees of well being has been developed by Barbara Brennan®. She is a former NASA physicist who expresses, with scientific precision, the human experiences of energy and spirit.


Having developed distinctions for human energy, Dr. Brennan founded the Barbara Brennan School of Healing® in 1982.  See  for additional information on this Florida college which trains healers based on her insight.   These healers learn specialized techniques and develop skills in accessing and utilizing the energy frequencies of the first seven levels of the human energy field to provide healing support to their clients.  Brennan Healing Science provides energy healing to address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects or issues of the client.  The Brennan healers also are trained to strengthen and align the deep level of intention and clear knowing in each person through work at the level call "Hara".  This is a level accessed also by Asian marital artists and work at the level has many benefits for the client.   


Two Brennan books, Hands of Light® and Light Emerging, now rank as classics in the field of complementary medicine.


Brennan Healing Science integrates the Western psychology of personal development with hands-on healing techniques based on the Eastern or Asian understanding of the human body as an energy system. 

                                                Benefits and Uses

~ Restores balance and homeostasis  ~ Increases overall state of well being and health ~ Reduces or eliminates pain   ~ Facilitates healing of wounds and burns
~  Prevents swelling and bruising from sprains and contusions 
~ Decreases recovery time  ~ Diminishes symptoms  ~ Decreases side effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapy  ~ Decreases medication  ~ Assists in stabilizing patient with critical injury or illness 

Scientific Validation For Energetic Healing

In separate investigations during the 1980s, Robert O. Becker and John Zimmerman independently discovered that during energy healing sessions, brain waves of healer and client synchronize in the alpha state, characteristic of deep relaxation. Their medical research has shown certain frequencies stimulate healing in the body, with specific frequencies helpful for specific tissues. For example, 2 Hz encourages nerve regeneration, 7 Hz bone growth, 10 Hz ligament repair, etc. Further investigation found that energy emitted during healing sessions, while falling primarily in the 7-8 Hz alpha state, ranged through all the well-known frequencies of brain waves: 3-30 Hz.

Susan Peck’s study found energy healing significantly decreased pain and distress of routine medical treatments on arthritis patients. (1996, University of Minnesota). The Journal of Family Practice (1998) reported significant improvement in pain level among osteoarthritis patients receiving energy healing.

A 1998 study randomly assigned 120 chronically ill patients with pain to one of four groups: energy healing, muscle relaxation, false energy healing or no treatment. Illnesses included headaches, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, ulcer, asthma, HIV and hypertension. Assessed on several pain and anxiety scales, patients reported energy healing sessions were significantly better in 10 of 12 variables. (Subtle Energies, 1998)

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